Phoenix Among Worst Cities for Speeding, Study Says

phoenix speeding incidentsPhoenix drivers are some of the most aggressive in the state, and they are ranked among the worst for incidents involving speeding, according to a recent GasBuddy study. GasBuddy is a fuel-finding app that gathers data for drivers, and it recently revealed how common speeding incidents are in this city.

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Statistics on Aggressive Driving Habits

The GasBuddy study compiled data from its Drives feature in the GasBuddy app, examining the top 30 metropolitan areas by population as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau from Nov 2018 to Feb 2019.The study noted the frequency of different aggressive driving events, including speeding incidents.Arizona was ranked 10thfor most aggressive drivers in the nation, while the city of Phoenix ranked seventh for highest percentage of speeding incidents.

The study revealed that Phoenix drivers have 27 percent more speeding incidents than the average driver in the country. This means that drivers in Phoenix have a higher chance of getting into a car accident due to speeding.Overall, speeding is the third most frequent aggressive driving habit during the weekday and second most frequent aggressive driving habit during the weekend.

Deadliest Roads in Phoenix for Speeding

One of the most commonly cited causes for car accidents in the state of Arizona is driving too fast for conditions. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s most recent data, there were 22,158 speed-related injuries and 285 fatalities during 2017.

In Phoenix, there are certain roads that are more dangerous than others for speeding incidents. These include the following:

  • Bell Road
  • Interstate 10
  • Indian School Road
  • Dunlap and 35th Avenue
  • Peoria Avenue
  • Interstate 17
  • 59th Avenue
  • 19th and Northern Avenue

Bell Road has a significant amount of traffic and many possible turns. Approximately 90,000 drivers are on this road every day of the year. Interstate 10 experiences greater speeds than standard roads with more than 80 fatal collisions a year. Drivers are aggressive and illegally pass others.

Indian School Road has the widest roads with more lanes than most others. This encourages drivers to speed and pass one other. Dunlap Avenue and 35th Avenue is one of the busiest intersections with over 130 accidents each year.

Peoria Avenue suffers from severe congestion and speeding drivers. Interstate 17 has also congestion and may be more likely to have distracted drivers. 59th Avenue has certain busy intersections where accidents are more likely to occur, such as at Olive and Thunderbird. 19th Avenue and Northern Avenue is a major intersection with chronic congestion and reckless drivers.

How to Be Careful Around Speeding Drivers

It is important not to express frustration around speeding drivers or to use similar tactics. Drivers should remain attentive and not make frequent lane changes unless necessary. Speeding faster than traffic can be very detrimental in Phoenix. There are several things you can do to remain careful around speeding drivers:

  • Concentrate, relax and pay attention to the road
  • Identify possible alternate routes
  • Get out of the way of speeders
  • Avoid eye contact with aggressive drivers and ignore gestures
  • Report seriously aggressive drivers

Arizona Speeding Laws

Cities in Arizona have certain speeding regulations that can result in penalties for the driver. Basic law prohibits traveling at speeds not safe under the circumstances. This may require nighttime driving at slower speeds or more care in inclement weather.

Arizona also has prima facie speed limits. These limits apply in certain situations, such as when approaching school crossings, in residential neighborhoods and in other locations. These limits are in effect unless there is another limit that is posted.

Absolute speed limits are the posted limits on all roads. For instance, if the speed limit if 40 miles per hour and you driver faster than that, you can be penalized.

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