Video Released of SUV Involved in Hit-and-Run

CHANDLER, AZ ”“ Police are searching for the SUV that struck and killed a pedestrian in Chandler Monday evening, Aug. 31, 3TV/CBS 5 reported. The hit-and-run accident occurred at the intersection of McQueen Road and Chandler Boulevard at approximately 8 p.m. The accident was captured on video by a security camera at a local store.

According to the Chandler Police Department, the pedestrian was crossing Chandler Boulevard when the SUV, which was traveling west, hit them. Witnesses said the SUV was a dark color and was attached to a flat-bed trailer, which had no cargo and appeared to be 10 to 12 feet long. Police believe the SUV sustained damage to the front passenger side.

The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. Chandler Police havereleased a clipfrom the surveillance video that shows the SUV in the background.

If you have any information regarding this tragic hit-and-run accident, contact Chandler Police Department at 480-782-4130 or Silent Witness at either 480-WITNESS (948-6377) or 1-800-343-TIPS (8477).

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