Supplemental Benefits under Workers Compensation

When it comes to on-the-job accidents, if theres anything more frustrating than being unable to work, its receiving a reduced paycheck because of your injuries. If you were injured at the workplace and your weekly benefits arent enough, you may be eligible for supplemental benefits. Workers compensation systems differ from state to state, but many offer this type of benefit under certain circumstances.

Eligibility for supplemental workers compensation benefits is different across states that offer such a program to injured workers. In some states, this additional compensation may be an adjustment for cost of living, a perk of being in a certain occupation, or a voucher that can be used for skills enhancement and training.

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Supplemental Benefits in Arizona

In a report published by the Texas Senate, the maximum weekly benefit for Temporary Total Disability in Arizona in 2003 was $374.01, one of the lowest in the nation. While most Arizona workers have to accept this ceiling on weekly income during their recuperation, public safety employees who are injured at work have the benefit of supplemental income.

In 2012, the Arizona state legislature passed a law requiring all municipalities throughout the state to establish a Supplemental Benefits Plan for public safety officers that are injured on duty and are unable to perform in their position. Under these plans, public officers are entitled to approximately the same amount of pay (after taxes) as they receive while working full-time. These benefits are available for up to six months.

Supplemental Benefits in California

In the TX Senates report, Californias maximum weekly compensation amount was $602 in 2003, the 23rd highest across the country. The amount may be higher because of a number of factors, but the state still supports a form of supplemental workers comp benefits that provides for further education.

Workers who have been injured after January 1, 2004 may be eligible for supplemental job displacement benefits (SJDB) if they have a permanent partial disability that resulted from a work injury and their employer does not offer other forms of work. SJDB is a non-transferable voucher for re-training or skill enhancing education, or both. The vouchers are only redeemable at state-accredited or state-approved institutions.

Supplemental Benefits in Utah & New Mexico

Utah and New Mexico had median range benefit amounts in 2003, according to the Texas Senate. Utah had the 31st highest weekly benefit amount in 2003, with $562 set as the maximum. Falling just below that, New Mexico had a maximum weekly benefit amount of $540.07 and was 33rd highest.

Unfortunately for residents of these states, there is no program offering supplemental benefits to injured employees.

Benefits in Utah are limited to the following:

  • Medical Care
  • Temporary Total Compensation
  • Temporary Partial Compensation
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Death Benefits

In New Mexico, the types of benefits are similar, with the exception of temporary partial compensation, which is not offered in the Land of Enchantment.

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