Phoenix Restaurant Fails to Pay $70,772 in Overtime

taking order at restaurantThe U.S. Department of Labor discovered that Wally’s American Pub and Grille broke the law by not paying workers more than $70,000 in overtime wages. In addition to paying back the lost wages, Wally’s is required to pay a $2,805 civil penalty and an equal amount of damages to 11 employees.

Wally’s had several workers who were employed at both Wally’s locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Restaurant owners did not correctly add up the hours those employees worked. Owners also failed to pay those employees for the time spent traveling to and from both locations.

Eric Murray, director of the Wage and Hour Division in Phoenix, stated that all enforcement tools available will be used to protect vulnerable workers’ rights and that the agency will work on behalf of hardworking employees within the restaurant industry.

According to the Department of Labor, employees who file complaints against their employers cannot be discriminated against so employees do not have to fear that speaking out will hurt their current employment status.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) contains federal overtime provisions. These provisions protect employees covered by the FLSA and state that employees must be given overtime pay for any hours worked over 40 in a given workweek at a rate that is not less than time and one half of their regular rate of pay.

Missing out on overtime wages when you deserve them is frustrating and it hurts you financially. But you do not have to let your employer get away with it. If you believe you are owed overtime and your employer has not paid you, contact our employment law attorneys.

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