Arizona Auto Resource Center

Arizona car accident victims are often unsure what to do after being involved in a motor vehicle collision. Regardless of the nature of the wreck, injury victims should be aware of their legal options for recovering losses caused by the accident.

In an effort to help Arizona injury victims, our Auto Accident Resource Center aims to provide residents with a wide range of information. Learn more about the causes of accidents, types of injuries, safe driving tips and intersections to avoid. If you are injured in a collision,our qualified attorneys are prepared to help.

Arizona Car Accidents and Injuries

The severity of a victim’s injuries and other damages in a motor vehicle accidentvary. Often, it depends on the type of accident that has occurred. Serious auto accidents can leave victims severely injured, permanently disabled and financially unstable (personal injury legal terms).

Aggressive behavior behind the wheel, distracted driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are just a few of the common causes of collisions, as well as:

Vehicle Safety and Accident Prevention

A motor vehicle accident may be unavoidable, but the chances of a cautious driver being involved in an Phoenix auto accident are much lower.

Our driving tips (dust storm, monsoon driving) offer advice on how to drive through severe weather conditions, how to keep your teen safe on the roadways, and dangerous roads and intersections that Arizona drivers should be aware of.

What to Do After an Accident

After an accident has occurred, there are many things that victims need to take care of, including recovering from their injuries and replacing damaged property.

Insurance companies usually try to settle accident claims quickly. The steps a victim takes after an accident can either help or significantly hurt their ability to recover damages associated with the incident. It is important for accident victims to be equipped with the knowledge of what to do after an accident in order to receive justice and fair compensation for their losses.