Phillips Recovers $450,000 for Rear-End Crash Victim

highlighted case result of 450,000Our firm was able to secure $450,000 on behalf of the victim of a 2017 rear-end crash that happened in Paradise Valley.

The victim, Ms. Lamont was stopped for a red light.The defendant was traveling at 45 mph when he claimed to “blackout” and when he came to, the traffic in front of him had come to a stop.He attempted to stop his van but was unable to stop before crashing into the rear of the vehicle ahead of him.This caused a chain reaction of three rear-end collisions.

Ms. Lamont was in the vehicle that was the last to be hit from behind. She complained of neck and back pain immediately following the collision, and it only got worse in the following days. Because her vehicle sustained minimal damage and she had pre-existing back problems, the insurance company refused to acknowledge Ms. Lamont was severely injured.

However, Ms. Lamont received medical treatment for more than three years following the collision.A lawsuit was filed two years after the collision by Steven Jones on behalf of Ms. Lamont against the driver and his employer.Multiple experts were retained who confirmed what Mr. Jones and Ms. Lamont already knew -Ms. Lamont suffered serious injuries to her neck and back, which resulted in her inability to work or perform activities of daily life.

Finally, after four years of daily pain, continued medical treatment and mounting medical bills of more than $250,000, and the hard work by Mr. Jones, a settlement was reached at mediation for $450,000.00.