Generac Generators Recalled After Consumers Lose Fingers

product recall written on a cardGenerac has recalled hundreds of thousands of portable generators amid reports of consumers losing fingers when trying to move generators using the handle.

The recall was announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on July 29. The CPSC said consumers need to immediately discontinue use of any of the 32 recalled models. This recall affects approximately 321,160 units in the U.S. and 4,575 in Canada.

There are at least eight reports of consumers suffering injuries, including seven injuries that resulted in fingers being amputated. The generators have a U-shaped two-grip and a flip-up pin-lock handle that is meant to make it easier to move the generator. Unfortunately, fingers can get caught in between the portable handguard and metal rod while users are trying to move the generator around.

Affected Generators

If you own any of the following models of Generac generators, you need to immediately stop using it. You should only use it again if the locking pin has been inserted to keep the handle guard in place to prevent anything from getting caught in between the handle and metal rod. Keep the handle locked each time you move the generator until you receive a repair kit from Generac.

  • XT8000E
    • Model G0064330
    • Model G0064331
    • Model G0054340
    • Model G0064342
  • XT8000EFI
    • Model G0071620
    • Model G0071621
    • Model G007162R
  • GP6500
    • Model G0076720
    • Model G0076800
    • Model G0076800R
    • Model G0076812
    • Model G0076830
    • Model G0076830R
    • Model G0076902
    • Model G0076902R
    • Model G0076903
  • GP6500E
    • Model G0076820
    • Model G0076820R
    • Model G0076822
  • GP8000E
    • Model G0076731
    • Model G0076751
    • Model G0076751R
    • Model G0076761
    • Model G0076761R
    • Model G0076861
    • Model G0076861R
  • PRO 6500M
    • Model GP16505DMN
    • Model GP16505DMNR
  • PRO 6500E
    • Model GP16505DEN
  • HomeLink 6500E
    • Model G0068650
    • Model G0068651
    • Model G0079960

You can find the model and serial numbers on the label or look it up online on the Generac website.

These generators were sold at well-known retailers across the nation, including:

  • Ace Hardware
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Costco
  • True Value
  • Napa Auto Parts
  • W.W. Grainger
  • Do it Best
  • Fastenal
  • Power Equipment Direct
  • Ravitsky Bros.
  • City Electric Supply
  • Blain’s Farm & Fleet
  • Northern Tool & Equipment
  • Orgill
  • Amazon

These products were sold between June 2013 and June 2021 and cost between $790 and $1,480.

If you have one of the affected generators, contact Generac by phone (844-242-3493) or via their website to ask for a free repair kit.

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