Filing a Workers Compensation Claim in Arizona

Workers compensation has been offered to United States citizens since 1908 in order to provide those who have been injured or fell ill at their workplace with financial assistance.

As workers compensation laws may vary from state to state, it may be more difficult filing a workers compensation claim in some states than others. In Arizona, it is common for individuals filing such claims to be rejected during their initial filing of a claim. However, by choosing an experienced workers compensation attorney to guide you through this system, it may reduce your waiting time and chances of being accepted after the first filing for the claim.

At Phillips Law Group, the Glendale workers compensation attorneys at our firm may be able to assist you if you have been denied a workers compensation claim, or you are unsure if you are eligible to claim compensation. Our attorneys possess a detailed knowledge of workers compensation laws in Arizona and are ready to help you with your specific case.

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Filing for Workers Compensation in Arizona

Following an on the job injury, there are some important steps that an individual must take in order to properly file a workers compensation claim. These steps will assist you and help to increase your chances of being accepted during the initial filing of your workers compensation claim.

These steps include:

Reporting your Injury

The law states that an individual has 30 days to file a claim, thus it is necessary for an individual to report their injuries to their employer in writing. This should include names, eyewitnesses, and details supporting an individuals claim.

Visiting a Physician

While seeking medical attention, an individual should make sure the physician recognizes that the injury was indeed job related and the name of employer has been stated. The physician should also address your ability to return to work.

Filing a Claim with the Industrial Commission of Arizona

There is a statute of limitations for filing a claim with the Industrial Commission of Arizona. An injured worker is recommended to document this filing, whether keeping a copy of the paper which has been faxed or by sending a claim by certified mail including a return receipt request.

Claim Investigation

An investigator will look into your medical records, and also take a statement on your injuries, so it is recommended to be clear and honest about your injuries.

Informing your Insurance Adjuster

It is recommended to inform your insurance adjuster of your injuries, including a record statement of what occurred leading up to your injury. This should include facts surrounding the injury up to the onset of pain.

Scheduled Medical Treatment

Typically, a physician will be chosen to perform an examination of your injuries. It is imperative that you appear to this examination; otherwise you could risk losing your benefits.

Follow-Up with Medical Treatment

It is important to follow up with your physicians instructions for medical treatment and keep records of medical and rehabilitation expenses.

These steps will assist you when filing a workers compensation claim in Arizona and throughout the United States. Of course, applying for workers compensation will typically vary from state to state.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

At Phillips Law Group, our attorneys believe that if you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to file for a workers compensation claim and may be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. These compensation benefits may include wage benefits along with medical benefits to help you during your time of need.

At our law firm, our Glendale personal injury attorneys are dedicated to assisting workers that have been injured throughout the state of Arizona, and are prepared to analyze your case and provide an honest and helpful assessment.

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