ADOT: Arizona Making Strides in Traffic Safety

The Federal Highway Administration recently released State Safety Performance Targets for 2018, which rated Arizona as “met or made significant progress.”

However, ADOT said there are many preventable crashes happening in the state. They are happening on all Arizona roads, including highways, county roads, and city streets.

“We can all make better decisions behind the wheel that will result in fewer crashes,” ADOT wrote on their blog.

Because more than 66 percent of collisions occur on roads not part of the state highway system, ADOT said they alone cannot address all of them. This is why traffic safety stakeholders in Arizona are working together onArizona’s Strategic Traffic Safety Plan (STSP), a detailed strategy for reducing injuries and fatalities on all state, federal and local roadways. According to ADOT, STSP strives to bring together traffic safety stakeholders in order to leverage resources and work together to address road safety issues.

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