Accident Reconstruction and Your Car Crash Case

insurance adjuster taking notes about damaged carSome car crash cases are more complicated than others, such as those involving more than two drivers. Other cases where there are no witnesses and multiple conflicting accounts of what happened may also be difficult to validate.

In a complex case, the victim’s lawyer may recommend bringing in an accident reconstruction expert to help determine what happened and validate the victim’s claim.

Below, our licensed Phoenix car crash attorneys discuss accident reconstruction experts and how they can help build a strong case. If you were injured in a car crash, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced lawyer. A qualified attorney understands what steps will help to build and validate your case, including bringing expert witnesses.

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What is Accident Reconstruction and How Might it Help Your Case?

Accident reconstruction is a process to determine why a crash happened. The conclusions reached through this process are based on evidence gathered at the scene and from other sources. This process is often used when the cause of the crash is not immediately apparent or easy to determine.

Fault is one of the central issues in a car crash claim. The at-fault driver bears financial liability for the damages caused by the crash. If the victim and his or her attorney cannot prove the other driver is at fault, their claim will likely be denied.

What Does a Reconstruction Expert Do?

Those who do accident reconstruction are specially trained on how to examine the factors involved in an accident, which may include:

  • Where the vehicles involved came to rest after the collision
  • Condition of the road where the crash happened
  • Extent of damage to the vehicles involved
  • Debris left on the roadway
  • Visibility issues that may have contributed to the crash
  • Whether one or more drivers were under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Weather during the crash
  • Whether the brakes were applied before impact
  • Steering angles
  • Whether engine lights were on prior to the crash
  • Assessing the engine’s rpm prior to the crash
  • Determining if the cruise control was engaged at impact
  • Examining whether anti-lock brakes were used
  • Checking to see if the road was damaged by the collision
  • The angle of the impact
  • Speed at the time of impact
  • And other factors, depending on the accident

Accident reconstruction experts review the damage done to the vehicles involved along with evidence they collect at the scene of the crash. They also review things like the police report, statements from witnesses, the repair shop’s damage assessment and collision ratings for all involved vehicles, pictures of the scene, medical records and other relevant evidence.

Sometimes, reconstruction experts may look at information collected by event data recorders in one or both vehicles involved in the crash.

When Are Accident Reconstruction Experts Brought in?

There are various reasons why this type of expert may be brought in to help build a case:

  • Either no one witnessed the crash, or the witnesses cannot be found
  • Those involved do not remember much, if anything, about what happened
  • The witnesses were all involved in the crash somehow
  • There is a lot of conflicting information about the accident
  • It is not immediately clear who may be at fault
  • The vehicles involved suffered severe damage
  • The other driver is using an accident reconstructionist, and your attorney wants to refute their conclusions
  • When a defective part may have contributed to the crash
  • When government entities may bear fault for poor road conditions
  • Your loved one died in the crash
  • Evidence is missing

Make sure to find an experienced attorney who you can count on to recommend an accident reconstruction expert when necessary. It is very difficult for crash victims to know when it may be necessary to take a step like this.

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