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Children who become victims of sexual abuse often suffer serious physical and psychological trauma and may be too afraid to come forward themselves or are unaware of how to ask for help.

For almost three decades, Phillips Law Group has recovered millions in compensation for our clients. An Avondale child sexual abuse lawyer from our firm is ready discuss your legal options and whether you may be able to take legal action. Our consultations are completely free and confidential, and there is no risk or obligation to move forward. Our lawyers do not receive payment for any services unless we help you obtain compensation through a settlement or verdict.

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Am I Able to Take Legal Action?

This will require discussing your situation with our legal team during a free consultation. There are many different factors that need to be examined before we are able to determine if you may take legal action.

There are specific deadlines to file a viable case for compensation, which is why we recommend seeking legal representation sooner than later. Failure to file before the deadline passes will likely result in the court dismissing the case entirely.

Civil and criminal cases are different, but, filing one does not affect the other. This means you may be able to file a civil case if you have already filed a criminal case and the outcome was not favorable.

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Understanding Child Sexual Abuse

When an adult intentionally harms a minor sexually, this is known as child sexual abuse and it is illegal. Child sexual abuse can not only be physical, but also psychological. Any form of sexual activity can have lasting effects on the victims for many years. Some forms of child sexual abuse include the following:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Rape
  • Fondling
  • Exhibitionism, or exposing oneself to a child
  • Touching the child in a sexual way
  • Forcing the child to touch themselves
  • Crude phone calls, texts, or online chats
  • Sex trafficking
  • Sharing pornographic images or videos with a child

If you have suffered some form of abuse as a child or your child has been abused, taking legal action may help you hold the perpetrator liable for his or her actions and obtain compensation for any mental, emotional, or physical hardships endured.

Liable Parties in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Unfortunately, the perpetrator of the sexual abuse is often someone the child is familiar with and respects. That is why this type of abuse can go on for so long – victims are scared to get their abuser in trouble or embarrassed to come forward.

Many abusers are in positions of power within an organization and may be protected by them. These organizations could include:

  • Elementary and secondary schools
  • Summer camps
  • Churches and other religious institutions
  • Daycare services
  • Dance clubs
  • Gymnastics organizations
  • Youth sports teams
  • Boy Scouts

These organizations and the abusers they employ may be held legally liable for failing to report abuse, failing to reprimand the abuser for previous incidents, failing to conduct background checks when hiring, and other negligent behavior that leads to the harm of a child.

Compensation for Victims of Sexual Abuse

If you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, you may be eligible to seek compensation for any medical bills incurred and will continue to incur in the future to help treat physical and emotional injuries as well as compensation for any physical pain and mental suffering experienced. Sexual abuse victims may even be able to pursue compensation to help cover the costs of counseling and other support services.

Since every case is different, it is important that you reach out to a qualified lawyer for legal help. Our Avondale child sexual abuse lawyers know what it takes to pursue maximum compensation in these cases.

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Filing Deadline for Cases Involving Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse victims generally have two years from the date of their 18th birthday to take legal action. If you fail to file before the two-year window passes, you will lose the right to file a case.

Although in May of 2018, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a new bill into law to help strengthen protections for victims of sexual abuse by extending the time limit victims have to take legal action against their perpetrators. Victims have 12 years from their 18th birthday to file a lawsuit.

For more information about applicable filing deadlines, contact our legal team at Phillips Law Group today.

Warnings Signs of Sexual Abuse of a Child

There are many things that may indicate a child has suffered some form or sexual abuse:

Physical Signs

Physical signs could include pain, discoloration, bleeding or discharge from the genital area, unexplained bruises, persistent or recurring pain during urination or bowel movements, or wetting the bed.

Behavioral Signs

Behavioral signs could include a sudden change in eating habits, refusing to eat, exhibiting adult-like sexual behaviors, language and knowledge, or thinking of self or body as repulsive, dirty or bad.

Emotional Signs

Emotional signs could include having nightmares or sleep issues, sudden mood swings (anger, fear, insecurity or withdrawal), or reverting to behaviors the child has outgrown, like thumb sucking.

Resources Available for Sexual Abuse Victims

There are multiple local, state and national resources available for child sexual abuse victims. These include:

  • The Arizona Child and Family Advocacy Network ”“ This organization helps provide support services, educational training and assistance to both families and victims of child sexual abuse.
  • National Child Abuse Hotline ”“ This hotline is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week offering crisis intervention and support services.

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