Birth Injury and Cerebral Palsy Lawyers in Phoenix

Birth Injury and Cerebral Palsy Lawyers in Phoenix

Few personal injuries are more devastating to families than a birth injury. After nine months of anticipation and excited preparation, to then have your baby suffer a birth injury due to the negligence of a medical professional can be overwhelmingly emotionally destructive.

It is during this difficult time that the expertise of the Phoenix birth injury lawyers with Phillips Law Group can be of great help and vital importance to both the infant and the infant’s family. Our lawyers can protect your legal rights and allow you to grieve without worrying about securing evidence, witness statements, meeting court deadlines, and more.

Birth injury often results in two legal claims: one on behalf of the infant for medical malpractice, and the other on behalf of the parents for loss of consortium (love, care, affection). The statute of limitations, the facts required to prove each case, and the court filings necessary to preserve the medical malpractice and loss of consortium claims may be very different — and a delay in raising the claims may limit or prevent recovery.

Therefore, if you suspect that negligence was responsible for a birth injury, please contact our personal injury lawyers in Phoenix without delay. We can begin preserving and protecting your legal rights, even if all the damages or injuries are not yet known.

Injuries to children during the birth process frequently form the basis for a special type of medical malpractice case. Infants all too frequently suffer brain damage, respiratory problems, shoulder dystocia, or other injuries having lifetime implications. Birth injury is not always manifested early in a child’s life and sometimes takes years to appear. In an appropriate case, our firm will accept a case and wait to see how the child develops.

Other common birth injuries are:

  • Failure to do a timely Cesarean Section, causing brain damage and cerebral palsy
  • Improper use of prostaglandin gel, causing brain damage and cerebral palsy
  • Failure to properly treat pre-eclampsia, causing brain damage and cerebral palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia, causing brachial plexus and arm injury
  • Improper neonatal care, causing brain damage and cerebral palsy

At Phillips Law Group in Phoenix, Arizona — also serving the Tucson area — we can handle serious birth injury cases. We have a team of lawyers and are prepared to consult with the necessary experts in this area of practice to handle your birth injury case in the most professional manner possible.

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