Best Buy Recalls Thousands of Insignia Air Fryers

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On Thursday, March 14, Best Buy announced a recall of air fryers and air fryer ovens from its Insignia brand due to a fire hazard. This air fryer recall could impact customers who purchased an Insignia air fryer from Best Buy, the company’s website, eBay, or third-party sellers from November 2021 through November 2023. 

Air Fryer Recall Results in Refunds

Best Buy’s recall affects about 187,400 units sold in the United States and about 99,900 sold in Canada. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the units even have the potential to catch fire. 

“The air fryers can overheat, causing the handles to melt or break, posing fire and burn hazards,” the CPSC noted. “Additionally, the air fryer ovens can overheat and the glass on the door can shatter, posing fire, burn, and laceration hazards.”

So far, Best Buy has received 24 reports of overheating/melting or glass shattering, which includes six reports of air fryers catching fire. Fortunately, no injuries or property damage have been reported.

Consumers who own one of the models impacted can receive a refund in the form of a refund check or a Best Buy store credit. They’ll either get the amount on the purchase receipt or will receive the average sales price for the model if a receipt isn’t provided.

Which Air Fryers Have Been Recalled?

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The Best Buy air fryer recall involves Insignia Air Fryers and Insignia Air Fryer Ovens. According to the CPSC, the following model numbers are included:

  • NS-AF34D2
  • NS-AF5DSS2
  • NS-AF5MSS2 
  • NS-AF8DBD2 
  • NS-AF10DBK2
  • NS-AF10DSS2

The brand name Insignia is on the top or front of each unit, and “the recalled units have capacities of 3.4 to 10 quarts, are made of plastic or plastic and stainless steel, and come in black and stainless steel finishes,” Good Morning America reported. 

Any customers who own one of the recalled air fryers should immediately stop using them for safety reasons. The CPSC also recommended visiting to get instructions on “how to submit photos of the recalled unit(s), the model number, purchase receipt, and on the destruction of the unit.”

Notably, the agency added that consumers should not return the recalled air fryers or air fryer ovens directly to Best Buy stores. “Best Buy has contacted all known purchasers directly,” the CPSC revealed. 

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