Meet Nasser Abujbarah, Assistant Managing Attorney at Phillips Law Group

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Meet Nasser Abujbarah, Assistant Managing Attorney at Phillips Law Group

Phillips Law Group is all about celebrating our staff members as often as we can. We believe everyone on our team is an asset to both the firm and our clients, and that each brings something special to the Phillips team. As part of a new series highlighting our staff, we interviewed Nasser Abujbarah, the Assistant Managing Attorney at Phillips Law Group who has a strong drive to seek justice for those who have been aggrieved by the negligence of others.

Everyone Has Favorites

Nasser was asked about a few of his favorite things, including his favorite book and favorite holiday meal. He said that, while he doesn’t read much for pleasure and he is “envious” of his wife who is able to do so, his favorite book is Deposing Deceptive Defense Doctors by Dorothy Clay Sims. 

“I read portions of it before any deposition of an insurance company’s doctor,” he said. 

As for his favorites at the holidays, the personal injury attorney revealed, “I was born in Jordan and we immigrated here in 1988. My fondest holiday memories are of my grandmother making something called ‘Kousa Mahshi,’ a Mediterranean dish.”

“My grandma would stuff zucchini or bell peppers with a rice and meat combination and let it cook for hours in a tomato broth,” he explained. “I can still smell her kitchen.”

And when it comes to favorite animals, Nasser noted that he has a yellow lab named Penny, “who religiously wakes me up at 4 every morning for her breakfast and her morning walk (one of four walks a day).” He noted that she is, in fact, his favorite animal!

Finally, the Arizona attorney noted that his “current and forever” favorite song is “Can I Live” by Jay-Z.

Traveling the World

We also asked Nasser about a favorite landmark or historic site he has visited, and he revealed, “If you have seen the TikTok’s our social media manager has us do (shoutout, Luis, you’re the man), it is obvious that my only passion other than family and job is the AC Milan soccer club.” 

He explained that he and his wife were married in Italy in 2015, “and I had to make sure to see Milan at their historic stadium, the San Siro.”

“This is a real long-winded way of saying no I did not plan my wedding around a soccer game (even though my wife to this day thinks so),” Nasser joked. “And the San Siro is the most historic landmark on Earth.”

When asked where he would go if he could book a trip anywhere tomorrow, Nasser answered that he would return to that same location again.

Family Man

If Nasser was stranded on a deserted island, he said he would most want to be stranded with his wife and son, calling it “the easiest question you have asked me all day.”

Speaking of his family, when asked about any nicknames he might have, the personal injury attorney said “Dad” is the only one, and added, “My greatest accomplishment is my four-year-old (my wife gets about 99.99 percent of the credit).”

“Being called ‘Dad’ is pretty cool if you ask me.”

Future Lawyer

Finally, we asked Nasser who his favorite teacher was in school and why, and he revealed where his first hints of having a future as a lawyer may have come from.

“I was lucky in high school to have some teachers that really cared about me,” he said. “One was Mr. Black, who taught a Theory of Knowledge class my senior year.”

“I was a bad student with a bad attitude,” he admitted. “But he took the time to work with me through my struggles and was probably my biggest advocate to attempt this whole lawyer thing.”

We are so glad Nasser found his way and ended up becoming an attorney – Phillips Law Group just wouldn’t be the same without him.