What To Do if Your Personal Injury Lawyer Sells Their Law Firm

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Your attorney should always notify you if their law firm will be closing and let you know what your options are moving forward.

If you have a personal injury case with a lawyer at a law firm, and your lawyer is suspended or decides to sell their law firm, you may be wondering what you should do next. If your personal injury lawyer sells their law firm – and your case with it – you have options.

Your Lawyer’s Obligations

First of all, your attorney has certain ethical and professional obligations to you, even if their firm is closing due to a suspension or because they’ve sold the firm for another reason. 

Your attorney should always notify you that the firm will be closing and let you know what your options are moving forward. The seller in a law firm ownership transaction should send a notice to clients explaining that the business is being sold and let the clients know they can choose to retain other counsel if they don’t want to work with the new owners.

Why You Might Want to Switch Lawyers

There are many reasons you might not want to work with the new firm owners! You might just not like the new law firm, or the lawyer being assigned to your case, and that’s fine – people need to pick the representation that is right for them. 

It could be that the new lawyer isn’t as familiar with your state laws as you’d like; for instance, if you picked an attorney because they have worked in Arizona for years and you chose them for that specific expertise. At Phillips Law Group, for example, we have worked in Arizona for almost 30 years, and many clients go with our team for that particular knowledge and experience. 

The bottom line is, if your case is with a new law firm and you aren’t happy with that new representation, you have a right to consider what counsel you’d prefer instead.

Review Your Case Information 

If you have a contract with the previous law firm and attorney who worked on your case, review it carefully to consider any provisions that address what happens to your case in the event of a sale or if your lawyer’s license is suspended.

You can also seek legal advice from a new lawyer or law firm to determine what your options are in this situation. An ethical attorney should be willing to advise you of your best next steps. You should always be comfortable with whoever your legal team is and feel that you have suitable counsel to represent your interests! 

You may have limited time to determine what you should do next if your lawyer sells their firm or is suspended and your case is picked up by another firm. After you’re given notice of the sale and transition, you may only have a certain number of days to act before the attorney who purchased the practice may start acting on your behalf as legal counsel.

Your best bet is to act quickly to protect your rights and to make sure your case is being handled properly and in the manner that you’d prefer as the client. 

Contact Phillips Law Group for Assistance

If your lawyer has sold their firm or been suspended and you aren’t sure what to do about your case and new representation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the legal professionals on our team to see how we can help and what resources we can offer. 

At Phillips Law Group, we proudly consider ourselves Arizona’s law firm and have a reputation for truly understanding Arizona law. If you need advice after your case has been moved to another firm, or if you’re looking for different legal counsel, we may be able to help. 

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