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Taxi Crashes in Phoenix, AZ

Taxi drivers are notorious for speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, running yellow lights, and failing to follow other traffic laws. This type of reckless driving behavior is the cause of many serious motor vehicle accidents, and when they occur, a taxi accident lawyer may need to get involved.

Were you or a loved one injured in an accident involving a taxicab? Whether you were hurt by a taxi as a passenger, driver or passenger of another vehicle, or pedestrian, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. 

The personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law Group are experienced advocates for victims of all types of car accidents, and we can help you with your taxi crash claim. We have been defending the legal rights of personal injury victims across the state of Arizona and nationwide for over 25 years. In that time, we have recovered over $1 billion in compensation for thousands of clients. 

If you were injured in a taxi accident, you can count on a taxi accident lawyer at Phillips Law Group to fight for you and your family. Call us now at 1-800-706-3000 or fill out our free case evaluation form on this page to determine your legal options.

+ When Do I Need an Attorney?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s time to call an attorney. Studies show that the average insurance award with an attorney is 3 times higher than without. Call (602) 258-8888 to tell us your story and get a free case review.

+ Should I Accept an Insurance Offer?

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies, and their priority is to make sure they pay as little as possible for the insurance claim. Talk to a lawyer before accepting an insurance offer to make sure you are getting a fair settlement.

+ How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Attorney?

There’s no fee to start your case. At Phillips Law Group we work on a contingency basis. That means you don’t pay us anything unless we ultimately win your case.

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    More Information on Taxi Accidents

    Taxi Accident Lawyers

    A taxi driver has a duty of care to deliver passengers safely to their destinations. Unfortunately, many accidents occur as a result of a taxi driver’s careless or negligent actions. When these preventable accidents and injuries occur, victims deserve to be compensated for their losses.

    At Phillips Law Group, we care deeply about our clients and recognize there is much at stake when we are entrusted with a taxi accident claim. Our legal team will work diligently to secure you the best possible results.

    When you hire a taxi accident lawyer from our law firm, you can expect:

    • We will conduct a thorough investigation to pinpoint the cause of the taxi accident
    • We will preserve all evidence including police reports, witness statements, video surveillance, and more
    • Our legal team may work with accident reconstructionists, law enforcement, and other experts to recreate the taxi crash and establish liability
    • We will defend you if the taxi company alleges that you shared any responsibility for the accident
    • Your taxi accident lawyer will handle all communication with the taxi company and insurance adjusters
    • Our law firm will negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf
    • We will take your taxi accident claim to trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached in negotiations

    As your legal representatives, Phillips Law Group will be there for you every step of the way. Your taxi accident lawyer will advocate for your rights and demand the money you deserve from anyone who caused you harm.

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    Causes of Taxicab Accidents

    Some common reasons why a taxi accident may occur include:

    • Speeding: Many taxi drivers speed because the faster they deliver their passengers to their destinations, the sooner they can get to the next ride and make more money. Speeding is dangerous because it decreases a driver’s reaction and stop time, increasing the likelihood of a collision. 
    • Distracted driving: Talking on the cell phone or texting to arrange their next ride pickup, eating or drinking, reading the GPS, and chatting with passengers are all forms of distracted driving common to taxi drivers.
    • Drowsy driving: A taxi driver may work long hours without a break, sometimes starting early in the morning or working through the night. When drivers are fatigued, their driving skills could be impaired in ways similar to being under the influence of alcohol.
    • Reckless driving and failure to obey traffic laws: Tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, running red lights, and driving aggressively are just a few of the many traffic violations that can result in a taxi accident.
    • Poor maintenance: It is the responsibility of taxi companies to maintain their vehicles. Drivers should not pick up passengers in a cab in need of repair. Brake failure, a tire blowout, steering malfunction, and other issues can cause serious taxi accidents.
    • Driving while intoxicated: Alcohol impairs a driver’s vision, reaction time, judgment, vision, and other essential driving skills. The risk that a taxi driver will cause a severe motor vehicle accident increases significantly if he or she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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    Taxi Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries

    All too often, taxi passengers on short trips fail to buckle up. Every year, hundreds of unrestrained or unbelted rear seat occupants are killed in motor vehicle accidents. It is always in your best interest to buckle up in a taxicab, even if it is just for a short trip.

    Injuries sustained in taxicab accidents may include:

    • Whiplash
    • Broken bones
    • Concussion
    • Head or neck injury
    • Burns
    • Back or shoulder injury
    • Internal injuries
    • Knee trauma
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Spinal cord damage
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Wrongful death

    If your injuries or situation prevent you from traveling to our law offices, our legal team can schedule a free case consultation at your home, the hospital, or another location convenient to you. Our taxi accident attorneys want to make the financial recovery process as easy as possible for you and your family.

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    Steps to Take After a Taxi Accident

    In the moments following the taxi accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unsure of what to do next. The actions you take following a collision can have a lasting impact on your health and financial security.

    Consider taking the following steps after being involved in a taxicab accident:

    • Make sure the taxi driver stops. It is against the law to leave the scene of a traffic accident if there has been injury or property damage. Some taxi drivers may try to quickly drive off rather than face the repercussions of their negligence. 
    • Assess your injuries. Your top priority after any car accident should be your health. Even if you initially feel fine after the collision, it is recommended to go to the hospital to get checked out. Some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, only present symptoms days or weeks after the crash.
    • Call 911. Always contact the authorities following a taxi accident. First responders can help those who are injured, and law enforcement can investigate the accident scene. An officer’s report can be beneficial when it comes time to file your personal injury claim.
    • Document the scene. Collect contact information from the cab driver and all parties involved in the crash. Take notes about anything you remember from the crash, such as how fast the taxi was traveling, where each vehicle involved was located, and weather conditions. If possible, take photos of the accident scene and speak to any witnesses.
    • Speak to a taxi accident lawyer. Taxi companies are required to hold a minimum amount of liability coverage to cover injuries and property damage. However, insurance companies are always looking for ways to minimize payouts. A personal injury attorney will negotiate with insurers on your behalf and ensure you receive just and fair compensation.

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    Establishing Liability After Taxi Accidents

    After being injured in a taxi accident, you can file a claim against any party who caused you harm. In some situations, multiple parties may be found liable. Your taxi accident lawyer can identify all responsible parties and help you hold them accountable for their negligence.

    The following is a brief summary of who may be liable for a taxi accident:

    • Taxi driver: As a common carrier, a taxicab driver should have a higher degree of care than other motorists on the roadway. If a taxi driver’s negligence in any way contributed to the accident, you have a right to hold that person accountable.
    • Taxi company: Taxi companies have a responsibility to conduct a background check on any cab drivers they are considering hiring and ensure that they are able to perform their jobs safely. If a taxi company is found guilty of negligent hiring practices or failing to properly supervise its employees, it could be held liable for injuries sustained in an accident.
    • Taxi manufacturer: In some situations, taxi accidents are caused by mechanical problems or the vehicle itself malfunctioning. The company that sold, manufactured, or maintained the taxicab could be liable for damages.
    • Other motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists: Some accidents are not the fault of the taxi driver, but others on the road. A taxi accident lawyer can help you hold these individuals responsible for your damages.

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    Compensation for Victims of Taxi Accidents

    Serious injuries from a taxi accident can completely turn your life upside down. The medical expenses to treat your injuries combined with the lost wages from being physically unable to return to work can take a serious toll on your finances. You should not have to pay for someone else’s negligence.

    A taxi accident lawyer from our law firm may be able to help you recover damages for:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Property damage
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of enjoyment
    • Rehabilitation
    • Wrongful death

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    Schedule a Free Case Consultation With a Taxi Accident Lawyer

    Our legal team is here to answer any questions you may have after your taxi accident and inform you of your legal rights and options. We can assess your case and determine whether you have a claim for compensation. If you decide to pursue a claim with our help, our personal injury attorneys will do everything they can to maximize your compensation.

    At Phillips Law Group, we take clients on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not charge any upfront costs or fees and only require payment if we recover compensation for you. So there is zero risk or obligation in contacting our law firm to discuss your taxi accident case and get the legal assistance you deserve.

    Call us or fill out the case evaluation form to schedule your free consultation today.

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