Who Covers My Rental Car Expenses After a Car Crash?

website for renting a car on a laptop on a deskAnyone who has ever had to pay to rent a car for more than a couple of days will tell you it can be very expensive, potentially hundreds of dollars. Many people do not have that amount of cash on hand.

However, when a car accident occurs and your car is either totaled or in the shop for repairs, you are likely going to need to rent a car. You need reliable transportation to get to work, pick up your children and run errands. You do not have weeks or months to try to save up the money you will need for all the days you will need the rental car.

Below, find out who pays for the cost of renting a car and how car rentals are typically addressed in car insurance policies.

Renting a Car After a Crash

In Arizona, financial responsibility for a car accident is assigned based on fault. That means the at-fault party is responsible for the victim’s damages, which may include the cost of renting a car while the victim is waiting for it to be repaired. However, the other driver’s insurer may not provide coverage until fault has been determined, often after obtaining the police report.

While you will not receive compensation for your medical bills until after your claim concludes, the insurance company should cover the cost of a rental car up front. The rental car company should bill the insurance company directly.

However, it is important to note the insurance company will only pay for a rental car that is comparable to the vehicle you were driving during the crash. If you normally drive a sedan, it is unlikely the insurance company will pay for an SUV.

Generally, the insurance company will expect you to use the rental car company they have a partnership with. If you want to use a different company, you may have to pay the cost up front before being reimbursed by the insurance company. This is something you can discuss with the insurance company to make sure you understand exactly how things work. You should expect the process of obtaining a rental car to go smoothly.

Using Caution When Talking to the Other Insurance Company

The insurance adjuster for the other driver’s insurance company may seem friendly. It may seem like he or she is just trying to help you to get a rental car, so you have reliable transportation while your vehicle is being repaired.

However, insurance adjusters are always looking for things to use against crash victims. That is why you need to be very cautious when talking to them. You do not need to go into a lot of detail about the crash or your injuries. Do not let the insurance adjuster steer the conversation toward those topics. Remember that you just need help obtaining a rental car.

Insurance adjusters can take one small thing you say and use it against you to devalue or deny your claim. They are looking for statements that may make it seem like you were careless and bear some amount of fault for the crash. You could stumble into making these kinds of statements if you start talking about things like how you were feeling before the crash or the amount of pain you are in.

What About Using Your Own Insurance Policy?

This is another option for obtaining a rental car after a crash. There may be fewer hoops to jump through and less concern about having to pay any of the costs out of your own pocket. If the at-fault driver’s insurance company disputes fault you may have a tough time getting them to cover a rental car.

However, using your own insurance is only an option if you have rental car coverage in your policy. You can check with your insurance company and this information may also be listed on your insurance card.

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