Police Give Safety Guidelines for Drivers on Pokémon Go

driver on smartphoneWithin the first week the game has been available, several accidents involving Pokemon Go have pushed police to issue safety tips to drivers and pedestrians. The police department in Auburn, New York issued safety guidelines after a 28-year-old man crashed his car into a tree while playing the smartphone game.

The guidelines are designed to prevent car accidents or injuries to pedestrians. They include:

  • Do not play the game while driving or riding a bicycle
  • Do not try to “catch” a Pokémon on private property
  • Try not to walk around while staring at your phone and watch for hazards such as roads or drop-offs

Pokémon Go is an interactive game in which players’ smartphone screens show Pokémon characters in the real world. The purpose of the game is to find and catch Pokémon characters.

Injuries from Pokémon Go Car Accidents

According to tweets from Texas A&M University police, a vehicle was rear-ended on the highway after the driver illegally parked the car and got out to catch a Pokemon. The airbags deployed in the second car.

In Pittsburgh, a teenager was struck by a car as she crossed a busy street while playing the game. She has deleted the Pokémon Go game from her phone.

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