Phillips Law Hosts Feminine Hygiene Kit Packing Party at The Global Ambassador Hotel

group shot of volunteers at the packing party at the global ambassador hotel

An incredible number of volunteers from Phillips Law Group, in partnership with Women4Women Tempe, gathered at The Global Ambassador Hotel on May 31, 2024, to pack feminine hygiene bags for women in need. The inspiring event resulted in a record number of kits being prepared for homeless and low-income women in Tempe who need these important products. 

Packing Party at The Global Ambassador Hotel a Tremendous Success

feminine hygiene products in a pile

Together, the volunteers in attendance from Phillips Law Group, as well as many family members and friends alongside representatives from Women4Women Tempe, set a record for the number of bags fulfilled at a packing party event. They managed to put together 1,020 period bags for women in need, a number beyond the wildest dreams of even the organizers of the volunteer opportunity. 

When it came to the number of volunteers lending their time to the cause, “We had many, many new faces… I know there had to have been around 100-150,” Sharon Mews, Community Outreach Assistant at Phillips Law Group, revealed. 

As for the record number of feminine hygiene kits packed, Sharon added, “The most we have done in the past was just under 700, and this was 1,020. Most groups usually do around 360 bags, to put it in perspective.” Each of the bags consisted of 12 pad varieties or 15 tampons, 6 panty liners, and several wipes. 

“I Loved to See the Families Helping”

three volunteers pictured at the women4women feminine hygiene kit packing party

Sharon noted that many family members of Phillips Law Group staff attended the event, including parents, children, and even grandchildren. She noted that one little girl, Luciana, “stole our hearts as she helped transfer pads from plastic containers to the lovely pink cloth containers that were purchased for the event.”

“Luciana looked so cute in her bow and dress, and was eager to help any way she could,” she said. 

“I loved to see the families helping this way, how special is that?”

A “Family” of Volunteers Makes It All Possible

cheerleaders pose with a child at the packing party at the global ambassador hotel

A representative from Women4Women Tempe said on the organization’s Facebook page that they are, “Often humbled by our mission, our partners, our donors, and our volunteers,” and said of the packing party at The Global Ambassador Hotel, “the energy, the compassion, the chatter, the laughter, and the bag-packing was amazing.”

Sharon believes that that is a regular occurrence at service events where Phillips Law Group staff members host or participate to better our community. 

“We are a family of volunteers,” she said. 

“We enjoy what we do, and we love who we volunteer with. These events bring us even closer together as a work family…We are grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Phillips for allowing us the opportunity to serve the community in this capacity.”

If you are interested in getting involved at the next packing party for Women4Women Tempe, or being a part of any of our community outreach opportunities, please contact our firm to learn more! Our community service team loves to see new faces eager to get involved in making our world a better place.