New Volunteers Assist with Community Outreach Efforts at Phillips Law Group

At Phillips Law Group, we dedicate a great deal of time to getting out in the community and trying to make a difference outside of our duties in the office. We are able to do that through community outreach events with organizations like A New Leaf, MANA House, Cloud Covered Streets, and others. And we are always thrilled when new volunteers assist with community outreach efforts at our firm, giving just a little bit of their time to give back to those in need in the Phoenix, Arizona area. 

In May, we have had many opportunities for community service involvement, including working with Maggie’s Place and The Foster Alliance, two nonprofits we have a strong relationship with and regularly partner with to assist the populations they serve. 

Maggie’s Place – May 10

photo of a volunteer holding a birthday bag for maggie's place

On May 10, volunteers from Phillips Law Group came through for Maggie’s Place when the organization needed some assistance with setting up for a Mother’s Day event.

Sharon Mews, the Community Outreach Assistant at Phillips Law Group, noted that there were several new volunteers at this service opportunity. Together, all of the volunteers worked hard to decorate tables and set up ahead of the Mother’s Day affair, which included preparing flowers to put together in bouquets for all of the moms attending the event. 

“It was beautiful,” she said. “We had enough for so many bouquets of roses…We had many compliments on the beautiful flowers in the stand.”

The Foster Alliance – May 16

four volunteers pose with tumblers from new volunteers assist with community outreach blog post

Later, on May 16, volunteers from Phillips Law Group traveled to The Foster Alliance to put together birthday bags. The mission of The Foster Alliance “is to support the foster care community by providing essentials to benefit children in foster care,” the organization’s website notes.

The children who are served by The Foster Alliance get these special birthday bags, and this wasn’t the first time volunteers from our firm used their creative abilities to decorate a few bags for the kids. 

“We have the best time chatting and creating our masterpiece birthday bags,” Sharon revealed. 

Plus, at the end of the event, an individual from The Foster Alliance surprised the volunteers in attendance with thermals that said Foster Alliance for them to enjoy. With this special gift, Phillips Law Group volunteers can spread the word about the important work that the organization does wherever they go with the thermals. 

If you’d like to be involved in a community service event hosted by Phillips Law Group or one of its outreach partners, please feel free to contact us for more information. We have new opportunities every month and would be thrilled to have you!