What At-Fault Drivers Often Lie to Insurers About

argument following a car crashIn Arizona, the at-fault driver is financially liable for damages suffered by the victim in a car crash. Typically, the victim files a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to attempt to recover compensation for medical bills and other damages.

Unfortunately, at-fault drivers sometimes lie to their insurance companies. The insurance companies may then attempt to use these lies as justification for denying or devaluing an injury claim.

Below, learn more about what at-fault drivers often lie to their insurance companies about. If you think the driver who caused your crash is lying, it is important to seek qualified legal representation. An experienced Phoenix-based auto accident attorney from Phillips Law Group may be able to assist you. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of crash victims throughout the state.

What At-Fault Drivers Often Lie About

Causing an accident could result in a hike in a driver’s car insurance premium. That may give drivers an incentive to lie or deceive their own insurance company when a crash victim files a claim with that insurance company.

For example, at-fault drivers may lie about whether they were drowsy or fatigued when the crash happened. At-fault drivers may also lie about whether they were distracted or speeding when the accident occurred.

At the scene of the crash, at-fault drivers may lie to the police about whether they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Hopefully, the responding police officer will pick up on whether the at-fault driver is intoxicated and initiate a breathalyzer or field sobriety test.

If you suspect the at-fault driver was impaired, you can alert the police officer when he or she talks to you about what happened. There is no need to discuss your suspicions with the at-fault driver. Let him or her tell his side to the police and wait for your turn to talk to the officer.

It is understandable to get frustrated if the at-fault driver lies about what happened. He or she caused your injuries, and it may take a significant amount of time to get your life back to the way it was before the crash. However, if you hire an experienced attorney and allow him or her to work on your case, he or she is likely to gather the evidence needed to disprove the at-fault driver’s lies or misleading statements.

You may also find it helpful to write down what you remember about the crash soon after it happens. It is easy to forget important details, and if you forget, your lawyer may have a more difficult time validating your case. This information may help to prove the at-fault driver is lying.

Importance of Consistency

When the other driver is lying, it is very important that you be as consistent as possible in your statements about the crash. If any of your statements contradict each other, you can be sure the insurance company will use this against you.

If your narrative of the crash is consistent and the at-fault driver’s narrative is not, it may be more difficult for the insurance company to deny your claim. Your account is likely to be viewed more favorably than the at-fault driver’s.

Gathering Evidence to Disprove the At-Fault Driver’s Statements

If you are physically able to gather evidence at the scene, and you will not be putting yourself in danger, you should try to do so. Pictures of the crash scene, along with statements from witnesses, can help to support your claim and disprove the at-fault driver’s lies to police or the insurance company.

Was Your Insurance Claim Denied? Call Phillips Law Group

When a car crash claim is denied because of a lie or misleading statement made by the at-fault driver, victims should strongly consider talking to a licensed attorney.

The attorneys at Phillips Law Group have helped many crash victims secure compensation, and we know the tactics insurance companies often use to deny or undervalue valid claims. We also know how to respond if lies or misleading statements have been used to undermine your case.

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