Arizona School Bus Failure Rate Doubled from 2013-2015

school buses lined upAccording to a recent investigation by The Arizona Republic, nearly three of 10 school buses did not pass 2015 safety inspections due to major defects.

The inspection failure rate in 2015 was almost double what it was in 2013, jumping from 15.4 to around 29 percent.

Arizona school buses now have one of the highest inspection-failure rates in the country, with other states having significantly lower rates, including California at 2.7 percent, Utah at 12 percent and New Mexico at 15 percent.

Some of the major defects that caused Arizona school buses to fail inspection include:

  • Emergency brakes that did not work well
  • Seats that were not secured or had exposed steel frames
  • Air leaks in brakes
  • Emergency doors that did not function
  • Nonexistent fire extinguishers
  • Exposed electrical wiring in the air conditioning systems
  • Bumpers that were falling off
  • Cracked bus axles

Officials from school districts with high inspection-failure rates claim that decreased state funding is to blame, as it makes it tougher to replace old buses with new ones.

However, The Arizona Republic investigation revealed that school districts that had increased funding still experienced high failure rates and that more capital did not equate to lower inspection failures.

Another problem is that mechanics who are charged with fixing defective buses are being asked to drive buses due to bus driver shortages. This means that it takes longer for buses to get fixed.

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